Seven Deadly Knights have returned and they want their revenge against the Seven Kingdoms that betrayed them.

Enroll, enhance and equip the Knights before unleashing their wrath.

The goal of the game is to destroy every village, city and castle. The easiest location is the top right village then the difficulty grows progressively.

Mission screen : the currently ongoing missions are displayed here. This is the place you can collect the rewards from burning a location to the ground.

Knight screen : gives you information about the Knights levels and the opportunity to enroll more of them.

Map screen : select a location, choose the Knights to send there and start the fights.

HQ screen : Upgrade the infirmary to heal the wounded Knights, improve their Attack and Defense and provide them faster Horses.

Let the slaughter begin !

Made withUnity
Tagsidle, knight, Management
Average sessionA few minutes


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on t'aime tehk mais un tuto on aimerais bien mrc

Merci ! J'en prends bonne note. Tu n'es pas le premier à demander. :)